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SaNoah's Story


As a young Native American woman from the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in North Dakota, the idea of serving never really occurred to me. That is, it was my assumption that one had to enlist in the military in order to serve. I have realized that service can take many forms—that of military or otherwise. What’s more, I came to realize how immediate the need is for young adults to serve. Certainly, I have thought extensively about the future of service in America and in what ways young adults can be motivated to serve. In my experience as a Young Native American, service in some capacity has been at the forefront of my life and career aspirations. That is to say that service in my life has taken the form of obtaining and education and garnering professional experiences that will allow me to dedicate my career to serving my tribal community. My goal is to become a medical doctor who will work for Indian Health Services—the Federal Health Program for American Indian and Alaska Native communities. This has been my dream since I was a young girl, and through dedication to the betterment of my community, I can see these goals coming to fruition. The very notion of serving in this capacity is what motivates me to keep moving forward with my education. My career aspirations serve not only myself and my community but lend to the legacy of service that makes America the country that it is.