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Mayra's Story


After walking past the Mile High Youth Corps hiring sign several times, one day I decided to walk in and speak to the woman at the front desk. That conversation changed my life. I was a gay, 24-year-old Hispanic married woman, mother of 3, in a low-income family, just trying to get by. I was having a hard time finding myself and my purpose in the world, but I have never felt more comfortable and more accepted than I have since participating in the Energy and Water Conservation program. This program helps low-income families save money on their water and energy bills by installing more efficient materials and appliances. We also show clients—whose family situations look a lot like my own—how changing their habits can help save energy and water. Though my service term is ending, I will bring the experience and wisdom from the service I have done for my community to future positions and keep it close to my heart. I believe every person should have an opportunity to do something like this.