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Jimmy's Story


National Service and AmeriCorps effectively engages service-minded individuals in projects to strengthen communities and has done so for the last twenty-five years. In that time, the project types and number of service sites have grown tremendously, and we can now count our Alumni Network at over one million members. What draws people to this type of service is something truly American: the desire to give back and help others. Members that wear the grey shirt serve across the country and are representatives of every corner of our nation. Many different goals and outcomes motivate their service, but the uniting factor is that by serving others, you are strengthening communities and developing yourself as a leader. AmeriCorps members are not motivated by a large paycheck, specific trophies, medals, or accolades but rather the concept that to arrive somewhere and to have made that place better is to have truly served and helped raise up your/their/any community. I arrived at an AmeriCorps NCCC campus in January of 2006 and making that commitment to serve positively altered the trajectory of my life. I had been motivated to work in the government and serve others but was blown away by the needs that existed in our nation. In NCCC I found others motivated to give their energy to make communities better. These were people I had never met before from towns I had never heard of. We were united by the desire to get things done and try new things, always unsure of what might come next and unclear on what exactly would come at the end of the ten months of service. Since I first accepted that call to service, I have been hooked on the outcomes that AmeriCorps provides to communities and have served as an AmeriCorps NCCC member, AmeriCorps VISTA Leader, and now NCCC Staff Member for the better part of thirteen years. The positive impact of service holds no bounds and has no limits and here’s to another 25 years!