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Eriinger's Story

Photo of Eriinger

My service story is defined by how I’ve been able to support a meaningful cause. It started with my parents, who raised me to understand how I was always a part of something larger than myself. I was lucky to have mentors who instilled this in me from a young age. But when I decided to attend the United States Military Academy, I felt I was truly embarking on a path of service. It was a great experience to be surrounded by people who possessed similar values and strengths but were from different parts of the country. I saw this in the classroom, on the soccer field, during military training, and any time I interacted with my fellow cadets. Upon graduation, I commissioned as an Army Engineer Officer. In my Active Army experiences, from Fort Bragg to the White House, I was privileged to once again be surrounded by different people all working for the same purpose, to serve. The time came in my life to experience different things, and I decided to join the Army Reserve. Upon doing so, I found myself in what felt like a different world; but one that I was prepared for because of my time in the military. While working at Space Exploration Technologies in Southern California, I was surrounded by people from various backgrounds. But we possessed a common purpose, to do something that mattered. Watching the inaugural Falcon Heavy launch reminded me of times in the military where we accomplished a difficult mission together. And now at Hawkeye 360, I serve as a “global citizen” by providing information to make the world a better place. Ultimately, this story of service involves an environment of positive community impact. My time in the United States Army has provided me the strength, education, and experience necessary to provide that impact with those around