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D'Juan's Story


After graduating from Texas A&M University, I became an AmeriCorps member and college adviser with the College Advising Corps – Texas A&M University Chapter. While serving at Nimitz High School, I realized the potential impact within this position was bigger than I imagined. I increased the college-going culture almost instantly by sharing my story with many of the students and faculty. Although, I was hired as a college adviser, I became an advocate, a coach, a mentor, a leader, and most importantly a supporter for my students. During the school year, Hurricane Harvey impacted the Houston-area greatly. It was at this point I used my advising skills to assist my students through the college process. I created a check-in system for my students, so that many of the opportunities for scholarships would still be considered and other deadlines would be met. In turn, while working with 1100 seniors, the number of FAFSA submissions increased by ~21%, college applications by ~18%, and my students earned over $8,000,000 in scholarships. The impact of this achievement was highlighted on a local and national scale, and later received two prestigious awards for my dedication to my students, and the results I helped create. This experience has allowed me the opportunity to connect with students within the communities I know best and helped me develop the insight to support students whose experiences aren’t my own. I humbly enter spaces to ensure that I create the safest spaces for young people. Becoming an AmeriCorps member was the greatest experience in my life, and I would recommend this service for anyone. I am grateful I served my community and beyond grateful for the opportunity to become a part of something better than myself.