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Brian's Story


As a child, my parents never let me forget that as humans we have a responsibility to respect diversity and cultures and help one another. Yet, today, more than ever, I am reminded with every click of the news how America has forgotten this basic human responsibility. In graduate school, I was lucky enough to earn an Eli J. Segal fellowship through which I learned all about the creation of AmeriCorps. What astounded me was the score of incredible people, led by Eli and his incredible family, who backed service and understood our responsibility to others. Their work has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives including my own. The fellowship had a profound impact in my decision to drop my career and join the Peace Corps. I was sent to Ukraine, where I learned about resilience – that I could live without creature comforts and the reward of waking up every day to work to better the lives of others. Since then, life has taken me to Medellín, Colombia, where I’ve co-founded two businesses that harness tourism to help support local economies and to create jobs in rural areas. Peace Corps expanded my service and encouraged me to reach beyond the borders of the U.S. No matter where you are in the world, the philosophy is the same: whether it’s the public, private, or non-profit sectors, there are many ways to serve, to promote the American Dream, and to fulfill our basic human responsibilities to respect and help each other.