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Bre's Story


Service is something engrained into the fabric of my family - members of my family have served in every branch of the military dating back to the Civil War. I always knew I would continue that legacy of service in some way and I spent time trying to understand what it meant to serve outside of military service. My career in public service started when I first volunteered for the USO while my husband was serving active duty in the US Army. Working with veterans made me want to help solve the systematic problems that prevent our veterans from getting the care that they deserve. Since my first service opportunity with the USO, I have been fortunate enough to have worked in both chambers of the Washington State Legislature, and currently work as a policy analyst for the Washington State Attorney General. My scope of work includes giving recommendations to strengthen Washington State's response to hate crimes. It is an immense honor to do the work I do, especially because I know that not many African American women get the opportunity to impact public policy in the way that I do. Our democracy works best when we all have an opportunity to have a seat at the table and that is why I try to lift the voices of my community in whatever role I am serving. In continuing my public service career, I am working on getting my Master's degree in Public Policy and hopefully running for office one day.