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Annabell's Story


I am a graduate of the University of California Santa Cruz and have always been passionate about the creation of better lives and neighborhoods for marginalized communities in my hometown of Los Angeles. I am currently carrying out my fellowship as an associate development specialist for Los Angeles County Development Authority, which serves over ten million people. I am inspired to pursue a career in public service because, as a first generation Latina, I have personally experienced the effects that local government can have on struggling immigrant families. Lead For America helped place me in a position where I am able to work towards providing safe and fair housing, family reunification services, workforce development training, homeless services, and rehabilitation programs. I am also working on projects related to economic development and am part of a task force at LACDA to create anti-displacement/gentrification tools and initiatives. I am devoted to uplifting not just the lives of my Latinx community in Los Angeles, but also all other communities that have been systematically oppressed.