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Aaron's Story


I became the AmeriCorps program director of VetsWork Environment because I was drawn to the two very clear program goals of supporting the work of our natural resource/public lands management agencies as well as the career transition for veterans. VetsWork does more than just provide a job opportunity.  It provides a facilitated transition from the military culture to the civilian workforce culture. The impacts of the program have been tremendous. Our public lands and our natural resources have been improved by the efforts of our veteran members and they have translated this experience into a new career path. The ability for members to utilize their GI Bill benefits through the apprenticeship has made participation in the program more accessible to many who would not have been able to manage the 45-week program on an AmeriCorps living stipend. Now they can focus on their experience, their training, certifications, and professional networking instead of worrying about financial obligations while they pursue this new career.