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On January 1, 2020, the Commission formally concluded its public comment process.
All public comments submitted to the Commission can be found here.

The Commission seeks to learn more about why people serve and why people may choose not to serve, as well as ways to increase the number of Americans in military, national, and public service. The Commission welcomes comments from the public on any aspect of the Commission's mission and feedback on the staff memorandum released prior to the Commission's public hearings. Please note which subject you address prior to submitting your comment.  

In advance of each hearing, the Commission staff will release a staff memorandum that presents preliminary summaries of research and analysis that the Commission may consider as it develops its recommendations for the Congress, the President, and the American public. We welcome your comments on the ideas presented in these memoranda. In your comment, please identify which memorandum you are providing feedback on. The staff memorandum can be found here, under the appropriate hearing.  

General comments include any aspect of the Commission's mission, including the following questions:

  1. Does service have inherent value? If so, what is it?
  2. How does the U.S. increase the desire for Americans, particularly young Americans, to serve?
  3. What are the barriers to participation in military, national or public service?
  4. How can the U.S. increase participation in military, national, and public service by individuals with critical skills to address national security and other public service needs of the nation?
  5. Is the military draft or draft contingency still a necessary component of U.S. national security?
  6. Are modifications to the selective service system needed?
  7. Is a mandatory service requirement for all Americans necessary, valuable, and feasible?

Please submit your comment below, mail your comment or any material you see fit to 2530 Crystal Drive, Suite 1000, Box #63, Arlington, Virginia 22202, or you can email your response to Although our request for comments published in the Federal Register has expired, the comments submitted by any of the forms above are taken into consideration by the Commission. Please note that any information you provide on this comment form could be publicly disclosed. Please see the Privacy and FOIA pages for further information. The Commission will be accepting comments until December 31, 2019.