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The article originally appeared in The Telegraph by Damien Fisher.

NASHUA – With fewer people volunteering for military service, and the prospect of ending Selective Service registration looming, encouraging people to service their country was a priority for the members of a federal commission visiting Nashua on Thursday.

Public is invited to listen to a panel of expert leaders on the current state of service in America and to share ideas to inspire more Americans to serve on May 9 in Boston
Public is invited to share ideas on ways to expand service at public meeting co-hosted by HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College

Francis Rose, host of Government Matters, sits down with the top leadership at the newly-launched temporary federal agency, the National Commission on Military, National & Public Service — Joseph Heck, Chairman, Mark Gearan, Vice Chair for National & Public Service and Debra Wada, Vice Chair for Military Service, to discuss the mission, goals and priorities for the Commission. Watch

Today the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service formally launched a two-year effort to encourage and inspire more Americans—particularly young people—to serve their communities and country and strengthen American democracy.